Duvet covers can be a real pain to put on. If you've ever tried to do it yourself, then you know that it can be a frustrating experience.

In this blog post, we will share with you the secret method to putting on a duvet cover quickly and easily!


A. Introduce the struggle of putting on a duvet cover

Putting on a duvet cover is no small task. As one begins the seemingly endless tuck-and-pull process to fit this often oversized cover over a duvet, disappointment can quickly set in.

The slippery fabric and awkward size of the duvet often result in an irritating tug-of-war between the sleep-deprived person and their bedding. An easy solution comes with a properly fitted product designed to easily slip right over your favorite comforter.

This can help end the struggle of putting on a duvet cover, providing peace of mind (and restful sleep) at last!

B. Explain why it can be so challenging

Putting on a duvet cover can be a daunting task, often leaving the bed unkempt and one's spirits deflated. The challenge lies in mounting the duvet so that all sides overlap evenly. With no tabs, snaps, or buttons, creating an even duvet top can put our patience to the test.

Despite being aware of how to properly complete the task at hand, it is still tempting to give in to frustration and throw up our arms in defeat. It is recommended that those attempting to don a duvet use the tried and tested "shoehorn" method- slowly working your way around by pushing down the corners and edging until tight fit is achieved.

Of course, enlisting an extra pair of hands will make this seemingly simple job much easier- even if you have to reward their efforts with breakfast!

The Secret Method to Putting On A Duvet Cover Quickly and Easily

A. Step 1: Unzip the duvet cover and lay it flat on the bed

Performing the simple task of unzipping your duvet cover and laying it flat on the bed offers many benefits.

Not only will stuffing a comforter inside become an easier endeavor, but as you put it in place, you will remove any wrinkles or creases that may have accumulated due to storage methods such as folding or rolling. Fluffing up your duvet cover will help ensure a more comfortable sleep environment and provide a neat look when done right.

So before making your bed each day, take a little extra time to unzip the duvet cover and lay it flat on the mattress. Your body and home decor will thank you.

B. Step 2: Place the duvet inside the cover and adjust the corners

Placing a duvet inside its cover is not difficult, but it can take some finesse. Start by locating the four corners of your duvet and placing them into each corner of the cover. Once in place, use your hands to tuck and fluff up the sides until they fit snugly within the cover.

It is important to ensure that the duvet does not cause excessive bulking or bunching on any side. Doing so will help you avoid having too much fabric left over when it comes time to close the zipper (or buttons).

C. Step 3: Start at one corner and carefully tuck it in all four corners

Once the duvet is all tucked in, it is time to start zipping (or buttoning) up your cover. To make this process easier, start by tucking one corner into place and then slowly working your way around until you have reached the opposite side.

Make sure to keep all four corners even as you go along. This will help ensure an even fit, and also make it easier to zip up the cover.

D. Step 4: Shake or pull material gently so that it covers your entire duvet

After the duvet cover is zipped up, it is important to make sure that the fabric is properly covering your entire duvet.

To do this, simply shake or pull the material gently so that it covers every inch of your comforter. This should provide a snug fit and help you avoid any bunching or loose fabric.

E. Step 5: Zip up the duvet cover and adjust the fabric as needed

Once you have made sure that the fabric is covering your entire duvet, it is time to zip up the cover. To avoid any issues with zippers, start from one corner and slowly work your way around until the zipper is completely closed.

After this step, take a minute to adjust the fabric on each side so that no wrinkles or bunching is visible. This step may take some patience, but it will help to ensure a clean and polished look when you are finished.

F. Step 6: Enjoy your freshly made bed

After following each of these steps, you will be rewarded with a freshly made bed that looks as good as it feels. Taking the time to properly put on your duvet cover ensures that it will remain in place and provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

So don’t be afraid to take a few extra minutes and enjoy the process of making your bed to perfection. You won’t regret it!

Invite readers to share their tips for making this process easier

Making the bed doesn't have to be a dreaded chore, so encourage readers to share their favorite techniques and even reward them with breakfast for their efforts! This will help foster an environment of collaboration and camaraderie.

Everyone loves a comfy bed and it's even better when they know they had a hand in making it happen -even if it's just a few tips or tricks! So let’s hear your best ways for making the bed easier and more enjoyable.


No matter how early or late your day starts, taking the time to properly make your bed can help provide you with a comfortable and inviting space.

With just a few steps, like fluffing up your duvet cover and adjusting the fabric, you can quickly have a neat and tidy bed that will help you sleep soundly throughout the night. So don’t be afraid to show off your skills and get creative with your bed-making process.

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